The "Sassy Nail Art" Collection
by Michele Keir
Created to raise funds to research a cure for Parkinson Disease
featuring Parkie Pet Portraits

     Michele Keir, a Rhode Island artist and designer, has Parkinson’s Disease. Shortly after being diagnosed, with a tremor in her left hand, Michele suddenly took up painting her fingernails in colorful, creative designs. She found this challenge personally therapeutic and decided to photograph her left hand with each new design. The photographs became a kind of journal. One day Michele was inspired to convert one of the photos into a fine art interpretation using Photoshop techniques with her computer. She began printing, matting and framing the resulting images.  Michele's colorful and creative art crosses many styles including stylized, abstract and surreal subjects.

     The collection grew quickly and after hanging some pieces in her home and office, Michele was inspired to exhibit and sell her creations to support the finding of a cure for Parkinson Disease. She is donating her time, creativity and the funds to support the search for a cure for this disease that she and her siblings share. Ms. Keir hopes you will appreciate her art work and support this cause by purchasing pieces from the “Sassy Nail Art Collection" with donations to the American Parkinson Disease Association for research. 

This fundraiser has been discontinued